The Project

Human Factors have always had an impact on their environment. By understanding the effect of our interactions with the natural world, we can try to minimise our impact. It is important to respect the needs of people, plants and animals with whom we share this planet for the wellbeing of all. In this we will all work for a more sustainable future. The cumulative actions of every individual really do count.

The Pack

This pack of four seasonal walks and activities has been developed for young people aged 6 to 12, in schools and youth groups. The walks begin at Cudham Environmental Activities Centre. They look at different features of the surrounding countryside and changes across the four seasons. The aims of the pack are:

  • to appreciate the natural environment and understand the importance of biodiversity
  • to be aware of how human actions impact on the natural environment
  • to encourage responsible action for greater environmental sustainability

The objectives for young people and adults using the pack are:

  • to learn about the local biodiversity and conditions needed to ensure its long term survival
  • to understand why there is a need for conserving, protecting and enhancing biodiversity
  • to encourage practival involvement in care for the natural environment

For a copy of the pack, please just get in contact with Catherine, the Centre Manager here.